Молекс, Представительство 


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Молекс, Представительство 

As a leading provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. This philosophy has helped us not only create many pioneering electronic solutions, but also build a globally recognized company. Through standard-setting products, high-performance people and a globally collaborative process, we are committed to anticipating tomorrow's needs and helping our customers engineer breakthroughs that make the world better.

Who We Are

Experts in Overcoming Complex Technical Challenges

At Molex, we not only employ some of the most talented people from all over the world, we're helping to cultivate tomorrow's innovators. This ensures we'll have a team that's equipped to meet our customers' needs today and well into the future.

Who We Serve

Since developing our first electrical terminal block for the home appliance industry, we have expanded into some of the world's most complex and demanding markets. Today, we are able to bring our wide-ranging knowledge to bear on electronics challenges in many of the world's most critical industries.

Molex serves engineers and product designers in the following industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Alternative Energy Source
  • Consumer/Home Appliance
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Data/Computing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Electrical

We are proud of our many innovations and the technologies they've enabled. Molex was instrumental in the first car radio, the first cellular phone and the first HDTV. Our pioneering products have one thing in common — they help leading technology companies achieve their own innovations.

Technology and Manufacturing

Each year, we invest roughly 5 percent of net revenue in research and development, which places us among the companies with the highest levels of R&D investment in the industry.

Because innovation and quality go hand-in-hand, we are continuously working to improve our manufacturing processes. Our commitment to reducing manufacturing costs as we invest has driven us towards a trend of more efficient operations. While our reach remains global, our processes have become more streamlined over the years, ensuring an on-time delivery of quality products to our customers.

We are widely known for the quality and reliability of our solutions — and we're committed to helping customers build products that improve the world.

Service and Support Without Boundaries

Whether our customers are in Chicago, Shanghai, Munich or New Delhi, our long-established global footprint ensures they have full access to our products and services — when and where they need them.